• "Live Armenian" contest

    Ameriabank invites all qualified manufacturers to participate in Live Armenian contest for purchase of the bank’s corporate gifts for 2020.


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  • Contest opening date: May 29, place: Ameriabank’s official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Ameriabank/).


    In order to be eligible to participate, companies must be incorporated and operating in Armenia or have their production manufactured or processed in Armenia.

  • To participate in the contest, applicants must submit packaged gifts designed in the corporate brand style of Ameriabank. Packages should meet the criteria (lots) below:

    Gift 1.

    Gift 1.

    • Max price per gift: 20,000 AMD, taxes included
    • Gifts must be designed in dark colors, have high quality and presentable appearance.
    • Quantity: 200
    • Each gift must be suitable both for women and men.
  • Gift 2.

    Gift 2.

    • Price per gift: 3,000-5,000 AMD, taxes included
    • Quantity: 600-700
    • Designed for women
  • Gift 3.

    Gift 3.

    • Price per gift: 3,000-5,000 AMD, taxes included
    • Quantity: 400-500
    • Designed for men
  • Gift 4.

    Gift 4.

    • Price per gift: 2,000-3,000 AMD, taxes included
    • Quantity: 1000-1200
    • Each gift must be suitable both for women and men.
  • Gift 5.

    Gift 5.

    • Max price per gift: 8,000 AMD, taxes included
    • Quantity: 200-300
    • Designed for women
  • Proposals must be submitted to livearmenian@ameriabank.am. Each proposal must meet the terms of the contest and contain the following information:

    • Full name of applicant
    • Official website and/or Facebook page (if any)
    • A photo and detailed description of proposed gift 
    • Information about which category (lot) the proposal refers to
    • Contacts (phone number, email, etc.
  • Other terms

    • Opening date: May 29, starting from 00։01 Yerevan time of the day following the day of publication of contest announcement; closing date: June 29, 23:59 Yerevan time
    • All applications will be reviewed by a commission comprised of the Ameriabank marketing and communication team, which will shortlist eligible candidates.  
    • Shortlisted proposals will be published on the official website of the bank for public voting which will be open until 24:00 Yerevan time, July 12. Offers which do not meet contest requirements will be rejected.
    • Proposals with most votes in each category (lot) will be declared winners.
    • Winners in each category will be announced by July 22, 24:00 Yerevan time on the official Facebook page of Ameriabank. Each winner will also be notified by a separate phone call at the contact number specified by them. 
  • Prizes


    Winners will be awarded contracts for purchase of corporate gifts as per the price and quantity specified in the terms of the contest. All relations between each winner and the bank will be regulated by executed service or procurement contracts. Companies will be notified about documents and information necessary for execution of contract additionally.